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My own take on marinara

My own take on marinara

           Do you sometimes wonder what to do with those numerous tomatos that grow in your garden? If your family is as little as mine, there's no way in the world you will  just eat them all.  Yes, we have a little vegetable garden in our backyard. Is it one of those pinterest worthy gardens? I wish!!!! But it is not easy to keep a pretty garden with two large dogs in the yard! They are rascals but we love them! 

         But I don't have a garden, you might say. Well, maybe you are one of those people who always goes to the farmer's market and buys more stuff than you can handle, or maybe you just like to try out new ideas. 

         Anyway, let me share with you this awesome tomato sause recipe that I created last year. I call it "My Take on Marinara". I don't want to call it Marinara because its a little different from the traditional recipe and I don't want any hot-headed italians to go after me:). I experiment with flavors when I cook and I'd like to encourage you to do likewise! You'll see that cooking process is so much fun if you let your creativity take over. 

           So lets start! Take your tomatoes and put them into a preheated and greased deep frying pan. Don't forget to wash them first! Cook on high heat for a little bit, occasionally tosing them around. You want to achieve a slight crust beause it gives a better flavor but make sure you don't burn them. Once you did that, cover it with a lid and cook them on medium to low heat untill they are soft and completely smushy. Now comes the fun part! You need to sift the whole thing through. Well, it's actually a pretty annoying process. I would recommend using one of those pasta sifters with bigger holes because you want the seeds to get through. It looks way more rustic like that. Also, use a big wooden spoon to push the mass through. When you're all done with that, put it back in the pan and keep on low heat while you're adding your finely chopped basil, smashed and chopped garlic, salt and pepper and last but not least, squeeze a half of lemon in. I absolutely love basil and garlic! I think these are some of my most favorite flavors. I also like to add lemon juice even though tomatos are pretty acidic on their own. But who doesn't like lemon? Taste! Taste! Taste!  If you're satisfied, let it simmer for 10-15 more minutes in order to allow all these flavors bland together. 

       You can use this sause for many different purposes. For example, cook some pasta with it, make a pizza, or even use it as a dip, etc. Believe me, you are going to enjoy it so much more than any store-bought sause. You know why? Because you made it yourself!

           Btw, I don't know if you've noticed but unlike my first post, this is completely vegan and glutenfree and stuff...  It's becoming trandy nowadays, so why not mention it here:)

 List of Ingredients

- 3-4 lb of ripe tomatoes

- ¼ cup of fresh basil 

- 5-6 cloves of garlic

- ½ Lemon 

- Salt and pepper 

My lovely wife cooked shrimp linguine marinara...

My lovely wife cooked shrimp linguine marinara...