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Yellow squash and eggplant spread

Yellow squash and eggplant spread

    Well, hello again! Isn't this a crazy life? I don't know about you but there are a lot of things happening in our family. We just recently found out that we're expecting a little boy! I can't believe I'm going to have a son! We're also in escrow on a duplex and simoltaniously selling our house. All of this can sometimes get to us but thank God we got a generous offer on our house so the processes are moving along. 

       Anyway, when we returned from Washington(my previous post was done there if you recall), my already not perfect garden dried out in the California's heat. But fortunately, I still had quite a few yellow squashes saved in the fridge which I am going to use in this recipe. I am making yellow squash spread. So I chopped my squashes along with an eggplant and a bell pepper. I generously seasoned them with salt, pepper and paprika, and roasted them in the oven in a well greased pan.

       So, once your veggies are all soft and ready, add finely chopped garlic, honey, and the lemon juice. I also added about a table spoon of balsamic vinegar but that's totally up to you. I personally didn't really care for it. Throw it all in the blender and blend untill you achieve a consistent mass. Just a helpful tip, before you use a regular blender, you might want to try a stick blender. It'll smash the veggies a bit snd make it easier to process. Then put your pure on the stove and simmer for a few minutes on low heat. Taste and see if you're satisfied with the flavor. Mine needed more salt. I even had my pregnant wife try it who's been patiently waiting for me in the bedroom, even though it was almost midnight at that point. 

     My spread turned out really delicious even though the collor may seem somewhat uninviting:) I was finally able to achieve the right amount of saltiness. The lemon helped balance out the flavor with acidity. I was also able to taste eggplant pretty well which added just the right amount of heat. There you go... You can use this dish as a spread on a toast or a dip. 

     Yes, this turned out to be a vegan recipe again. Don't you worry, I am not turning vegan! I like my meat! But let me tell you something. I was just recently asked by a friend from church, who is a true vegan by the way if I liked the dish she had prepared for our community group potluck. I told her I liked it. It was in fact really good! She answered that it ment a lot to her to hear that from a food blogger. I was surprised and flattered that people already see me as a trustworthy blogger with my three and a half followers:) 

    So I can confidently conclude that wheather you incorporate meat in your cooking or stay faithful to vegetables only, flavor is all that matters! If your dish does not have flavor, you failed! But don't give up! Roll up your sleeves and strive for perfection!

List of Ingredients

- 3 yellow zucchini squashes

- 1 eggplant

- 1-2 red bell peppers

- 4-5 cloves of garlic

- Juice of 1 lemon

- Salt

- Pepper 

- 2 tea spoons of honey 

- Paprika