How About Some Turkey

It was so soft and juicy that it was almost falling off the bones...

It was so soft and juicy that it was almost falling off the bones...

       Hello again! I bet you forgot about me already... Well, I was kind of on an unintentional break from the blog. Not because I'm lazy. I have a few of pretty valid excuses... Yes, life's been pretty crazy these past couple of months. Here's what happened. Remember that story of us selling our house and buying a duplex? Well, we had a few bumps down the road. The first buyer of our house backed out a few days before signing the closing documents. Couple of days later I got laid off unexpectedly. We thought that the whole deal is going to fall through but our agent was somehow able to persuade the seller to keep waiting for us. I believe in God's providence in all of this but I also know that He used our realtor to work his way through this situation.  Sure enough, a week later we got even more generous offer on our house and in two weeks I was offered a position with a much better pay than before. Everything was back on track. Throughout the whole process we've learned a great deal of patience and trust in The Lord. We’re now moved in into our new home and couldn’t be happier! 

        Anyway, I finally was able to have time for cooking so I came up with this interesting marinade recipe for a holiday turkey. Now, wait a minute, you might say, but the Thanksgiving is over. Aren't you too late for a turkey recipe? Duh, I am well aware that it's over but you Thanksgiving is not the only reason to have this huge and delicious bird plus you don't have to limit the use of this marinade for a turkey only.. 

      First things first, you need to use a fresh or fully thad bird. Make sure you properly wash the turkey under cold running water first. Next step is to apply the simple rub of previously mixed salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. Generously rub it in. Make sure to cover the whole thing. Now is the fun part, you will need to inject the bird with the marinade. I used chicken stock as the base of my marinade. Go ahead and add all other ingredients which are some lemon juice, freshly squeezed orange juice, pomegranate vinegar, olive oil, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt, and sugar. Mix it well. Don't be afraid of the strong acidic and salty flavor. It's going to make your meat taste great in the end. I promise!! Now, inject it with a culinary syringe thoughout the whole piece of protein. It is going to make the turkey moist and spread the flavors deep inside. Pour the rest of your marinade if you have any left inside the bird, cover it with tin foil and refrigerate overnight. It is totaly up to you how you wish to cook it. I traditionally roasted it in the oven. I used turkey size oven bag which makes it cook faster and most impotrantly preserves mosture. Remove the bag 20-30 minutes before the end of cooking process. After its done, let it rest for at least half an hour, ocasionaly pouring it over with its own juices. I've already made two turkeys this season and they turned out amazing. Everybody loved them! I know that there are plenty of turkey recipes out there but I've got to say with all the humility I have, mine is simply the best:). Jk, but seriously give it a try! I promise you're going to love it!! I would encourage you to make a turkey for Christmas as well.

     Enjoy the feast but don't overeat because it's not all about food..

List of Ingredients

 2 cups of chicken stock 

¼ cup of lemon juice

¼ cup of orange juice 

2 tbsp of pomegranate vinegar

1/3 cup of olive oil

½ tsp of cayenne pepper

2 tsp of garlic powder

2 tbsp of salt

3 tsp of sugar