Kinda Smoked Chicken Thighs

Flavorful and juicy fondness...

Flavorful and juicy fondness...

       When I first started this blog, I had a plan to post every week and be consisted and up to date with it. Well, where did that get me? I can’t even keep up with once a month. I do have a legitimate excuse through. We had a baby in the beginning of December. Everything went great and now we enjoy this little addition to our family! Ezra James is a delightful and handsome little man! We’re so blessed to have him!

      I would like to share this one recipe with you all that I’ve been carrying in my head for quite some time!

      I tried some very interesting techniques with this one and I was so anxious for the dish to work out. I cooked it yesterday for dinner with dear friends for the first time. The pressure was on! I guess I am a risk taker like that. I don’t just try the new recipe on myself or my family, I invite people. So the dish is Kinda Smoked Chicken Thighs on the bed of quinoa with red onions and bell peppers. Why kinda smoked you might ask? It is because of the technique I used. I didn’t just throw them in the smoker. Oh no, it’s way more interesting than that. I used eight chicken thighs. After generously seasoning them with salt and pepper, I sautéed them briefly with olive oil and a few crushed cloves of garlic for more enhanced flavor. After that, on a shallow baking sheet I put a few broken orange tree branches (you can use any other fruit tree branches for a different flavor). If you use fresh branches, I would recommend drying them out in the oven beforehand. Add the same cloves of garlic there. Also cut a lemon in four, squeeze the juice over your chicken but don’t just trash it, put them on the sheet as well. Put a rack over the sheet put the chicken on the rack cover the whole thing with tin foil and seal it well. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 400 F. At the end, open it up and broil for a minute or two for crispy skin. Pull it out and let it rest. Now let me tell you how to make the sauce. This is very simple but delicious mushroom dijon sauce with crushed pineapple. Sautee your sliced mushrooms with a little bit of olive oil. Add mustard, pineapples, chicken stock, salt and pepper, and a tea spoon of sugar. Stir it well and reduce it on medium to low heat for a few minutes. You have a freedom to play with flavors here. If you like it more mustardy, add Moore Dijon mustard. If you want it to be on a sweeter side, add more pineapple. Lastly, mix boiled in chicken stock quinoa with sautéed red onions and bell peppers. Don’t forget to add a lot of butter of course. Butter makes everything better! 

      Assemble your dish, garnish it with some parsley and enjoy! Everything turned out great. Chicken had very beautiful and rich smokey flavor. The sauce was spot on as well. Everything married together on a plate. Go ahead try it out and share your experience if you want. It’s a fee country you know...

List of Ingredients

- 6-7 white mushrooms

- ½ cup of Pineapple(finely chopped)

- 2 tbsp of dijon mustard

- 1 cup of chicken stock

- 1 tsp of sugar

- Sault/pepper