I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out... delicious...

I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out... delicious...

Burger of the Day

       I ‘ve been encouraged quite a few times to come up with my own burger recipe. Honestly, it was a little embarrassing every time I grilled burgers and people asked me if I made the patties myself, I just said, “Oh no, these are store-bought, but one day I will create the best burger recipe”. The pressure was on to create not only delicious but also a healthy burger. Let it not surprise anyone that burgers can be considered healthy food. 

     Well, my friends, the Day has finally came! How do you come up with a spectacular burger recipe, especially when there are so many of them out there? As you already know, I love experimenting with flavors, hence the name of my blog.

       So, what do you look for in a delicious burger? Of course, it has to be flavorful, juicy, and cooked right. With this one, I tried to bring some Mexican flavors into it. We all know that Mexico is famous for its great flavors off acidity and spiciness.

    As you all know, I haven't been doing this for that long, so a lot of flavors that I try, I try them for the very first time. This is truly a fascinating process for me also because I get to experiment and find out new things and try new ingredients. Even thinking about it makes me so excited!

    So I decided to infuse my burger with tomatillos and some serrano peppers. What is more Mexican than that? I wanted to elevate the natural juiciness of the beef with tomatillos Plus they have an amazing acidic flavor and acid makes meat more tender. By the way, please make sure you're not using very lean beef. The more fat the merrier! Nobody can argue with the fact that fat gives flavor.

    Also, who doesn't like a little heat in their burger? You can either chop the serrano peppers finally or throw them in the food processor together with tomatillos. I did though removed the seeds to reduce the heat a little bit. I have little kids you know. I used a little bit of smoked paprika as well in order to add some smoky flavor to the burger.

    When my wife first tried it, she thought I put some bacon in it, which would have been a great idea as well. You have got to make sure that you add a little bit of it because it has a very strong flavor.

   Finally, I added an egg to bind it all together. Eggs make everything better! This is just my personal conviction. Who would dare to argue? When you form patties, you got to keep it in mind that they will shrink when you put them in the hot grill so make sure that you make them big enough.

    Now, to make it healthy, I made some homemade whole wheat burger buns from scratch. If you want to be completely healthy, just do a lettuce wrap. I also garnished it with lattice, tomatoes, onions and beautiful charred bell pepper rings.

    Fine, I can spill all my ideas and tell you that I also made some aioli using mayonnaise and whole grain mustard with a little bit of chipotle pepper.

      All right, go ahead and give it a try and you will get yourself a juicy, flavorful burger with perfect combination of aciduty and heat, unless you overcook it to death. So please don't overcook it!

    Remember, cooking is a great process so have fun with it!

Step by Step

1. Take 2 lb of ground beef and put it in a large bowl.

2. Process tomatillos and serrano peppers in the food processor. Add to the bowl.

3. Add smoked paprika and salt.

4. Crack an egg.

5. Mix it well with your hands.

6. Form patties and chill them in the fridge for a little while.

7. Cook until medium-rare.

8. Assamble your burger and enjoy!

That's what you get in the end..

That's what you get in the end..


- 2 lb of ground beef 

- 3 tomatillos 

- 2 Serrano peppers 

- 1/2 tsp of smoked paprika 

- 1 egg

- salt