Pan seared New York strip on the bed of turnip pure, topped with chimichurri sauce, and garnished with beetroot cubes...

Pan seared New York strip on the bed of turnip pure, topped with chimichurri sauce, and garnished with beetroot cubes...

The Best New York Strip Steak

      Who doesn’t like steak? Beef is arguably one of the most favorite proteins in America. From professional chefs to amateur cooks, everyone enjoys a grilled or pan seared, perfectly cooked, flavorsome and juicy piece of steak. There are quite a few different cuts of beef to choose from. Among all the ones I’ve tried so far, New York strip is probably my favorite. I started cooking steak fairly recently but fell absolutely in love with it. You can kind of tell, looking at my social media accounts.

     Growing up in Ukraine in the country, I was exposed to a lot of beef products but without sophisticated knowledge of steak cookery, all those amazing cuts of meat were used for different purposes and often got lost in the process. Later on, when I started educating myself more about food, I truly learned to celebrate those beautiful pieces of beef.

      A couple of fun facts facts about beef that I would like to share with you. First, did you know that Argentina is considered a motherland of beef? Yes, beef originated there. Second, which country do you think is the largest importer of beef into the US? No, it is not Argentina this time. It is Canada. Canada supplies the most beef into the country besides locally raised and produced.

      Cooking steak is a lot of fun but can also be tricky since beef is the type of protein that requires different temperatures. Sometimes, even experienced cooks can mess up the cook on a steak or a burger. Whether you like well done, medium well, medium, medium rare, or even rare temperature on your steak, you always expect the steak to be juicy, flavorful, and almost melt in your mouth. How do you like your steak cooked? I definitely like mine medium rare.

      Whatever your temperature preference is, please do not overcook your steak! Have you ever had an overcooked steak? And I don’t mean just cooked over your liking. I mean cooked way past well done. I have… And, no it was not cooked by me! It was so dry and tough that I almost choked on the first bite. It was like chewing a piece of a doormat. I hope you don’t have to experience that.

     This time, having been inspired by the Masterchef show, I will attempt to put together a fancy restaurant quality steak dish. It is pan seared New York strip sitting on a bed of beautiful and light turnip pure, topped with fresh and fragrant chimichurri sauce, and garnished with roasted beetroot cubes.

     Alright, to start things off, I first pre seasoned my steak simply with salt, black and a little bit of cayenne pepper, and let it sit aside. I then, I peeled my root vegetables. I put turnips in a pot with salt, pepper, and boiled them in some milk. As for beets, I diced them into about an inch long cubes and roasted them in the oven. On the same baking sheet, I also roasted a few peeled garlic cloves that I later put into the turnip pure. I would also like to brag a little. I made a fresh chimichurri sauce using the herbs from my own garden. Last but not least, I quickly seared the steak on a hot skillet and basted it with butter, rosemary, and thyme at the end.

     After the steak was rested and pure made, I assembled this stunning plate. My family loved it! Please see step by step process below for more details. Do not be intimidated! You can enjoy your own version of fine dining in the comfort of your home.

Step By Step

1. Generously rub the steak with salt, black pepper, and a little bit of cayenne.

2. Peel the root vegetables.

3. Dice the turnips and bring to a boil in a pot with salt, pepper, and milk. Let it simmer until done.

4. Dice the beet into about an inch long cubes, season with garlic salt, pepper, fresh lemon juice. Mix them well with a little bit of coconut oil and roast in the oven.

5. On the same baking sheet, roast a three or four garlic cloves.

6. Mince fresh parsley, green onions, two cloves of garlic. Mix in a bowl with olive oil, pomegranate vinegar, and a pinch of salt and pepper.

7. Sear the steak on a hot skillet for two and a half to three minutes on each side, and baste it with butter, rosemary, and thyme at the end.

8. Put the turnips into the food processor with the roasted garlic and butter. Process until it reaches smooth consistency.

9. Slice the steak and assemble the plate.

Chimichurri sauce...

Chimichurri sauce...


1 New York strip steak;

2 turnips;

1 beetroot;

1 head of garlic;

1 cup of milk;

½ lemon;

Parsley, green onions;

2 tbsp of olive oil;

2 tbsp of coconut oil;

1 tbsp of pomegranate vinegar;

Salt, black pepper, garlic salt, cayenne pepper.