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Why Freelance Writing

           I would like to take a moment and write a few words about myself and why I decided to start this new endeavor of freelance writing. It is surely both exciting and frightening. There’s a lot to learn and quite a few hours of research to put in. We live in the era of countless opportunities. If you get off your rear end and put some effort into a project of idea, you can achieve greatness. There are numerous ways for creative minds to apply themselves. And I do count myself as such. When I think of the ways I can apply myself, I always come back to writing. I have tried drawing and painting a few times, and even though I am not absolutely horrible at it, I would rather express myself in through words on the paper.

         Writing takes me way back. I remember that one of my first childhood career dreams was to become a journalist. I was really good at writing essays in school. At some point, I was writing song lyrics. Too bad there was no good composer around to write music to them. In high school, I was a chief and editor of the school paper. I also published a few articles in the local newspaper. I have written poems in the past as well. In Bible College, I have written some reports that were posted in the web based school paper. When I moved to the US and took some writing classes in college, it was hard for me to take criticism from my instructors because I thought I was already a pretty experienced writer. My pride definitely needed to take a hit. However, when I realized that some rules and techniques are different, I started taking heed to what my teachers had to say. At the end, I totally Aced those classes.

           One of the reasons that I believe qualifies me to become a freelance writer is that I have studied the art of public speaking, specifically through preaching. In various occasions, I have learned how to study, analyze, and outline a specific passage or a topic. In fact, I have a great deal of experience in public preaching. My thought process is organized and the delivery of content is clear, passionate, and easy to follow. Another reason is pretty obvious. I run a food blog. I love cooking but I absolutely hate to follow the recipes. Whenever I cook, I use my imagination and ingredients I have to create something beautiful and delicious. I have come up with so many recipes over the years but then they would get forgotten. At some point, I decided since I enjoy both cooking and writing, why not start writing about my cooking and share it with the world.

          So the question arises why freelancing? I work at an office doing a repetitive and quite frankly pretty boring job. After a year or so, I realized that I have learned everything there is to know about the position and my mind is not being stimulated. All I do all day everyday is mechanically process cases. The thought of doing such work until retirement depresses me. I desire to put my creative mind to a better use, be independent, do what I love, and explore different fields as I do my research for a project. This way, I feel my mind will always be stimulated and I will keep learning new things and grow personally and professionally. I also like the idea of being my own boss, take as many projects as I want, being able to travel with my family and work from any place in the world as long as I have my laptop and connection to the internet.

            As I already mentioned, I would be thrilled to research as many different fields and topics as possible. So please don’t hesitate to throw any project my way. However, it would be fare to mansion some of my areas of expertise. As you can see from my blog, I am really big on food, creative cooking, and healthy eating. Especially, since I am one of those people that always need to watch what they are eating in order to stay in shape. I also have over five years of experience in the healthcare field in multiple areas. Among these things, I have also research quite a bit about real estate and currently own a rental property. Finally, given my background and personal faith in God, I can be a great asset in writing about religion and specifically Christianity.

           It is definitely scary to put yourself out there. I think, as any other human being, I am afraid to be judged and rejected. However, those who don’t take risks, never achieve anything. I decided that I cannot be a coward. I will take my chance and do my best to do an excellent job on every project I get. I do also want to mention that I am trilingual and can fluently write in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

    Please read through my content and reach out to me at the contact information provided below if you have a writing project for me. I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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